Balancing life as a wife, mom and writer one day at a time.

Why did I start a blog?

Well, within the last several months I discovered a passion for writing I never had before. For years I had been praying for a sign of what exactly I’m meant to do in this life I’ve been given.

I have a wonderful, hardworking husband who happens to be a few years younger than me. He’s following his dreams and I couldn’t be more proud of me hero (he’s so awesome, he saves lives for a living). I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress. I have done a little (nothing noteworthy), attended classes and fully enjoyed myself. But I discovered a lot about more about myself and grown as a person in ways I didn’t think I needed growth. I’ve changed. And while I still do love acting and wish to get back to it at some point, a passion for writing bloomed.

My husband and I got married after a little less than two years of dating. Eleven months later, baby Genesis arrived. We were terrified and ecstatic at the same time, as I think all parents are in the beginning. We made the decision together that I would take care of our daughter while he provided the income. Not that there’s anything wrong with nannies or working moms. It’s just not something we wanted to do.

Fast forward eighteen months and I’m currently editing my first novel. It’s only been about seven months since the first idea sprouted and I began jotting it down on paper.

Two things.

  1. Writing on paper is almost impossible if you don’t have your own office to escape to come time to work. I’ve taped up countless papers after my toddler found my hiding spot, and proceeded to tear them up in small pieces. Oh, and also had to dry them out from baby slobber. Babies eat everything.
  2. Using a laptop is also not so easy. You have to constantly back-up your files, just in-case. And when you have a kid, who sees you type a lot… they tend to want to copy mommy. Meaning; she knows where the power button is and likes to slam her little hands down on the keys. I will admit that it is super cute when she tries to fast type, while shooting me her little toothy grin. However, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone back and re-read, finding an entire sentence of gibberish I’ve had to delete.

You have to find the humor in things. If I didn’t I’d be in constant stress and not able to find any patience. YOU NEED AN ABUNDANT AMOUNT OF PATIENCE AS A MOM. And it is very hard to stay patient sometimes. But when I see her little smile, hear her squeaky giggle and watch her dance around to her music DVD’s, I’m overjoyed with the gift of motherhood.

Most nights I’m up really late writing. Nap times are unpredictable–sometimes three wonderful hours, sometimes a half hour– so rarely can I get some good writing in during the day, unless my husband graciously offers to keep her distracted. Night times are the times when I can really get an extensive amount of writing, editing or rewriting done. In the morning, I may be suffering from the nodding off symptom of serious exhaustion, but I force myself to be present with my daughter.

It’s so important to spend quality time with your kids. If I spent every free time writing, I’d miss out on so much with her, and she would miss out on learning some new things from mom. We read to her, chase her around, point out objects and letters. Recently we’ve taught her a couple words in baby sign language such as; ‘please’ and ‘more’.  Slowly but surely.

Being a mom is hard work, but immensely humbling and rewarding. Being a writer is not an easy process, either. There’s a lot of research that needs to be done in order to make your work believable. I’ve purchased books on subjects, researched weather patterns, state birds, local trees, popular tourists spots in my book locations, and watched countless you-tube instructional videos on fighting and stances, not to mention the constant people watching. And then there’s the reading of other books in my genre and other genre’s. You cannot be a good writer without being a reader.

Being a wife is not easy. Marriage is a tough institution. We have our good days, and our not so good days. But you wake up every morning CHOOSING to love one another, even on the days it doesn’t seem so easy. You pray together, communicate with each-other, WORK and FIGHT the RIGHT way. There are sacrifices you may have to make. It’s a process. A difficult, sometimes frustrating, fantastic, amazing and beautiful process.

I love Jesus. I love my husband. I love my daughter. I love writing. It just takes balance. I am an avid reader of all things fantasy and paranormal romance. I love it. I love the creation and imagination of worlds and characters. The plot-twists, the laughter, tears and frustration that come from getting to know the characters and dying to know what happens next. Frustrated with their decisions and wanting to both scream and throw the book across the room, but also laugh and stuff your nose even further into the book. The adventure’s I’ve been on are numerous. And my very own adventure in real life, to risk a cheesy line, has only just begun.


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