Book blurb and great new book to read!

Hey there!

Man! it has been a good long while since I posted. We currently moved to a much better place a little over a month ago, and although I have had the time to write, I have been focusing one my second novel!

Also, for the couple people that actually read this blog, thank you! It’s completely my fault for not promoting it anyway. Tut tut 

I wanted to share a little bit about my progress with you.

I honestly don’t have a ‘process’ for writing, it just consists of me finding time to write, writing ideas down, sitting on them, coming back to them, lots and LOTS of editing and rewriting, and then so on and so on. I know, “What a vague statement.” But it’s pretty self-explanatory. I do the same thing every day.

And to give credit where it is due, I have a great group of friends who have been with me throughout the entire process, reading chapter after chapter and giving me feedback. It really helps. Giving over a novel is hard, guys. You put so much of yourself inside it, that it feels like an itty-bitty piece of you is taken every time. Thankfully I haven’t had much of any negative critiques, yay! However, they may be a little bit bias.

So, there is this thing called being an alpha reader, or beta reader, which is pretty much people with unbiased opinions and are not professionals, who read your book and present honest critiques. How great is that!? I just became an alpha reader, or ARC for an incredibly talented author by the name of Julie G. Hall, award-winning author of Huntress, The Life After series. Her second novel, WARFARE is out TOMORROW! So, if you are reading this, and you love fantasy, action-adventure, good humor, a kick-butt and snarky heroine and slow-budding, heart-throbbing romance, check it out now!



Carrying on. So, onto my book, The Conduit.

Here’s a little blurb for you readers out there that love YA fantasy!

Nora Sanders is college-bound, determined to flee from the cursed abilities that have stained her life ever since she can remember. She knows she isn’t “normal”. Her parents have proven to be about as helpful as a concrete life-jacket, that is unless she wants to spend another stint in the local mental health clinic. It certainly didn’t work to her benefit the last time.

Nora’s escape is short-lived when she finds that the truth about her existence may rest in the hands of two handsome strangers who may or may not be human. Trust doesn’t come easy to Nora, but an inexplicable feeling is pulling her towards one of them despite herself. Little does she know that it’s only a matter of time before her already shattered world comes crumbling down with an ear-splitting force.

Nora’s meant to be a weapon, but which side of this ancient war will she choose? 


What do you think. Sound interesting to you?

Currently querying to literary agents, so if you or anyone you know thinks this is appealing, please leave a comment!

Also, what are your thoughts on traditional publishers vs. self-publishing?


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