Mom’s. You’re amazing.

Yesterday, my husband and I hosted my daughter’s birthday party at our little Townhome.

She just turned three…

To all you other moms with a house full of kids, or even two or three… bless you!

You. Are. Superwoman!

I’m serious.

I have moments of lost sanity with one child, I just can’t imagine more. At least, not right now in our lives. And hey, I’m not belittling my parenting skills or moms with one child. Being a mother is an amazingly, wonderful, difficult and rewarding job. I’d even say we should get paid. After all, we are raising the future leaders, business owners, lawyers, and doctors of the world, are we not?

You’re welcome, world.

One other thing, something that has been getting on my nerves lately. Some women–notice emphasis on some–although outwardly on social media and around others, put up this front of supporting one another, all smiles and big words and what-not. When in reality, they’re sneering and gossiping behind your back. I just don’t get it. In a country where over half the population are women, many who fight for better opportunities for us, equality and taking care of each other’s rights. Is this not hypocrisy at it’s finest?

When you have a woman shouting and holding signs up for supporting other women, and then she goes home and figuratively (sometimes literally, let’s face it) steps on, or over another woman in need of help, a smile, or encouraging statement… But because that woman has a different mentality, soft-spoken or has a different belief than her….she will not acknowledge that woman as being her equal. But she will feel indignant about men treating women that way… Now of course, I won’t lump every woman in that, because that would be ignorant, but it baffles me how some women are. The hypocrisy, the contradiction, the cruelness of it.

Now there are the moms that do this; who judge you on how you are raising your kid because it’s different than they did it. And for some unknown reason they think they have a one-up on you, and are entitled to… what, and award? Congratulations, you raised your kid/kids. Great, I commend you for it. But I don’t need you glaring at me from the sidelines or smirking with that hidden meaning because my three-year-old is having a meltdown or isn’t grinning at you when you want her to. Get over it. Seriously. I am a damn good mom. and I really don’t have to prove anything. I get down on the floor with my child and play, I nurture her, love her with my heart and soul, and I teach her how to be a good person every day. She may not be speaking as well as other kids her age, but hey… news flash, no kid develops the same as the other. What works for some, may not work for another. I know my kid. I know her cries, if they are real or fake. I know when she’s tired or when she just needs a good snuggle.

And yeah, some days.. I just do not know why she has decided to throw herself on the floor and scream bloody murder. But it happens. And if it hasn’t happened to you, and your nose is up in the air because you think you’re better than the rest of us, and you’ve concocted some magic potion or way to make sure your kid never throws a fit…

*Slow clap*

Good. For. You.

My daughter just turned three. And she is a wonderful little human being. Sweet and smart… and sometimes villainous. But those are the stories I’ll tell her when she is older, and we will laugh about it then. I cherish my moments with her, every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day. I cherish her, and everything about her.

That is my focus. My family and making sure we are being a light. Not to please the other moms, or women, or men besides my husband, anyone out there who think they know better. If I sincerely ask you for advice, I will listen intently and be thankful. But if it is not Thoughtful, Helpful, Insightful, Necessary, or Kind (THINK)…I don’t want it, and you should probably zip it up.

Bottom line: Moms are amazing. Please, let’s support one another and be kind to each other.

End rant.

Much love!


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