Writer’s block, and all the jazz.

☝🏼My little lonely writing space.

Writer’s block, the virus that plagues writers, robbing us of those “creative juices.”

If only it were a scientific diagnosis. If only you could call in to your doctor, and they told you there was a shot or pill to cure this annoying hindrance. If there was one sure way to kick it’s butt, wouldn’t that be fan-freaking-tastic? Of course it would! The amount of times I’ve sat in front of my laptop, staring at that dang blank page, hoping something, anything, would start flowing out of my brain and through my fingers.

And what do you do when life gets in the way, contributing to that ominous blank page? Kids and other family related business, work, illness, whatever it may be. You find yourself in this rut. Your mind starts to yell that you’re not really a writer, or that what you have is just the crap on the bottom of your shoe that won’t come off no matter how much you scrape it on that patch of grass. Maybe it’s all this piled up with a crap-load of rejection letters, successfully making you feel like a failure and discouraging you to even open up that file.

Sometimes it will go away within days, and sometimes it takes months to get back in the groove.

So what do we do when writer’s block sets in?

I’ve heard all sorts of remedies like these:

– Make a schedule for writing times.

-Light candles.

-Essential oils.

-Furniture placement.

– Music for inspiration.

– A hot bath.

– Reading.

Everyone is different. I find that forgetting about it for a bit and getting out, spending time with family or friends will often get those gears running again. Sometimes I get inspired by a movie or a television show when I’m lazing about.

What are some of your “remedies” and/or thoughts on writer’s block? How long have you gone without writing before your writer’s block was “cured”?

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