Project Excerpts!

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I’m going to try this out and see if I get enough reactions for excerpts!

Here is the opening sequence of The Conduit, the first in a planned series! My MS is finished and I’m currently seaking representation!

Here we go!

**Updated opening!





He’d failed, broken the oath in his weakness for her.

Leo had a mission.

He remembered the day he was called, right after banishing a horde of Drasimia into the pits. Confused but willing and without hesitation, he opened a sliver of time and slipped through into the Light Realm in the next moment.

He’d kneeled before his father, ready to take whatever mission commanded upon him.

A most important one. Much depends on the path you take from this day forth. I have summoned you to forget about your past duties as a Power. You will take up a new position as Guardian to a Conduit I have bestowed with a great destiny.

Leo nodded, though his mind questioned why any of the other Guardians had not been called. Yaneil, Gheshuai, or even Mattius would be available, and more than suitable. It wasn’t that Leo didn’t think he could do what was asked. In fact, he was certain he’d succeed. But Leo was never meant to be a Guardian. He’d been created for an entirely different purpose. His fiery core burned even then with disputes on the matter. In all his existence, there’d never been a case where a Power took on a charge for protection. It wasn’t how things worked. But, questioning his father was not done.

“Take this vow and repeat after me: I tether myself to thy will. I will serve to protect at any cost. My focus and duties are to keep my charge safe from harm, and to guide her on her path as Conduit. I will uphold the known laws. This is my binding oath.”

Misgivings pushed aside, the words flowed from his mouth, determined to make his father proud and fulfill his command. He’d taken these vows with every intention to follow through, with no idea what awaited.

“This mission I give you alone. Protect the Conduit with the very grace and life-force I have given you. Do not let distractions impede your duty.”

What was so special about this Conduit, this Elana? Leo wondered…