The Conduit

Updated The Conduit blurb!

The scales of good and evil are weighted dangerously toward disaster as darkness spreads–but a light is growing–and her name is Nora.

17-year-old Nora Quinn has traveled thousands of miles to a boarding school in Oregon for her last year of high school to escape her past, but she can’t shake her disturbing ability to read people. Nora can read emotions on an invasive and painful level… with the occasional prophetic dream. She hides behind cheap glasses, a thin barrier between her and the emotions that aren’t hers. Nora’s “gift” has led to her spending three weeks in the nuthouse as a child, where she was stuffed with pills, poked, prodded, electrocuted—and branded a freak. Most of all, Nora is determined to run away from her mother’s perpetual resentment and her sister’s suicide. The last thing on her mind is meeting a guy, let alone two.

Raphe and Cass are devastatingly and dangerously handsome. Nora can’t get them out of her head. But, for some reason, she can’t read them. It’s not that they’re good-looking. Nora’s seen plenty of attractive guys. Something isn’t right. The two guys feel familiar, and they loathe each other. Raphe is overprotective and mysterious. Cass is secretive and remarkably arrogant, and Nora isn’t sure of his intentions. In her quest to learn more about both guys, she uncovers secrets about them—and herself—that thrust her onto an unexpected and otherworldly path of temptation, destiny, and danger.